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I am Hafiz Muhammad Saqib.

am currently working as a Managing Director at NYC Digital Solutions. I am also running a health blog names as lifeumeed. I spend most of my time to work voluntarily for spreading peace around the globe. I am currently living in Lahore Cantt having four siblings. My favorite dishes include Biryani, Al Fareedo Pasta and above all I love to drink milk shakes they can be of any fresh fruit or chocolate.

My Goal of life is to make my country prosper. My biggest wish to show all the world that how beautiful my country is by exploring all its fields, meadows, mountains, lakes and beautiful people living in it which are not rightly shown to the world yet and afterwards I want to travel around the world for spreading the message of love and peace for humanity from Pakistan. 

In next 8 to 10 years I want myself to be surrounded by people who are also trying to do something good for nation and humanity. I have done my Bachelor's from University of Central Punjab and my Intermediate (Fsc. Pre Engineering) is from Punjab Group of Colleges and I completed my Matriculation from DHA Senior School for Boys. Before Matriculation I Completed Hifz e Quran (Memorization of The Holy Book of Muslims i-e Quran) from Iqra Roza Tul Atfal Trust in a duration of four years in 2008.

Now I am Teaching Guest Blogging to Other citizens of my country who are struggling to learn skills but they can't afford the courses. I am offering my courses free of cost on YouTube as I have also learnt it from my mentor The Great Sir Shahzad Ahmad Mirza's You Tube Channel free of cost. He is my new inspiration Before him I am inspired by Dr Tahir ul Qadri, Qasim Ali Shah and Javed Chaudhary because of their outstanding work in their relevant fields. 

Those who can pay my course fee I charge them and the ones can't afford I give my services voluntarily for them. I feel that One day I will make my parents, teachers, mentors, and country proud of me and I would be a source of pride for my nation one day In Sha Allah. Its a long journey but surely night ends and morning comes definitely I am pretty confident and have believe in Allah Almighty that I will do it. As Allah Almighty have rewarded me with every Blessings Including my parents teachers and my lovely siblings and many upcoming true relations. 

I would like say I love all of you especially my parents and I am always thankful to all of you for being part of my life and always making me feel so special. Thank you so much to one and only Allah Almighty. May Allah make me successful in this journey (worldly Life) and hereafter i-e Akhirah.

At the end I would like to thank my special teacher Sir Rehan Allah Wala who provoked me to write this before his advice I never wrote anything about myself. Thank you so much for giving me chance to guide me due to which I tried to explore myself more and spared sometime to write this about my self.

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Thank you So much for sparing time to give it a read.

Good Luck to all of you


  1. May Allah help you to achieve your life goals

  2. Wow thanks for amazing contributions.

  3. MashaAllah. Great HAFIZ MUHAMMAD SAQIB MAY ALLAH grant you more success to Achieve your Goals.Best wishes for your journey.

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