Million Smiles Social Media Awards 2021


I remember the day when I joined the Social Media Team of Million Smiles , I have never used a Twitter account before. In fact I didn't have one. Social Media Team Leaders Akhtar Jamal اختر جمال and Abuzar Shah with other regional leaders trained us. They told us about each and every step. How to participate in a trend. What to do and what to avoid. In short whatever I know today about Twitter is because of them.

Good participation lead me to regional team i-e Upper Punjab Eagles. After being added to regional teams we had a meeting with our Co-founder Zeshan Afzal in which he explained why we were making so much efforts as team on social media.
When he said if you are here that you will be recognized, you will get gifts, have a chance to meet and greet with CEO's etc. You should leave the team right now. I can't give you anything and no one else here. If you participate in team by even contributing a retweet, your Niyyah shouldn't be these things but the life hereafter. That was the day when I knew the true spirit of our Co-founders.
Therefore, I started working with the team in different activities with more clarity in my mind and was considered in top 100 in Last year as well as this year.
May Allah accept all the efforts of our founders, teams and every single member who have been with us in any form. May Allah reward us with Blessings of Deen and Dunya.

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